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George Martin

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George Martin

Infrastructure setup

Our Infrastructure setup focuses on Project Management and Design of Facility requirements for Technology Infrastructure, IT and Network Systems, Communications rooms, Labs, Data and Network centers, Cabling and IT Infrastructure, providing complete Technology Project Planning & Vendor Management.  We aim to design an adaptable physical infrastructure maximizing the effective space utilization of all of your Technology areas within the facility to accommodate today's ever changing needs and demands for future expansion using sound IT Infrastructure Design & Planning principles.

A well designed backbone communications infrastructure will provide the appropriate pathways and spaces (cable service entrance facilities, technology (telecommunications) rooms, and horizontal and vertical physical cable distribution pathways), as well as the cables used to by the building’s systems, to allow for easy changes and provide for growth utilizing the existing Infrastructure as the underlying resource for any required modifications. 

We Design the layout and manage the installation of all of your critical technology spaces within the facility, from outside plant to carrier entrance facilities, to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms, network & server rooms, technical labs & the Cable Plant that ties it all together.  Technology Infrastructure services include design and value engineering of these critical requirements; telecommunications cabling, IDF, MDF, MC, MCC, BDF, space planning, Riser pathway, BDF/IDF, Space layout, project management, facility planning, Equipment racks,  telecommunication room, server room layout and requirements.

We plan for the installation of cabinets, cables, shelving, cable management as well as monitor, maintain and coordinate service for HVAC in technology areas, security systems & all IT cabling and racking systems, evaluate and provide requirements for power & environmental needs, UPS & Generator systems when the project calls for them. The Project Manager will coordinate customer installations and work with Telco service providers, equipment vendors and other departments to insure a smooth transition and cutover to the new site.