Computer and IT Support

We offer on-site and remote IT department and computer support. Our monthly plans provide professional support for your computer needs with minimum investment and maximum services.

Our clients have come from a broad range of businesses from large to smaller service based organisations and also single person consultancies. All have their own IT and business requirement. The one thing in common is that they all depend on a reliable and secure IT environment, good response times and an IT system that allows them to get on with their business with zero downtime with no issues. Whatever your business categories are, we are confident we can provide the service which suits you. We have support option for those users who want occasional support or troubleshooting. You can call us and we will advise on computer faults, usability problems, hardware purchase recommendations or we can remote into your computer to fix software faults set up software, email etc.

We also help our clients with hardware purchases and hardware upgrade with buy back options for their old hardware. Our hardware services also includes installation of Surveillance camera on private and business environment with remote access and storage of video footage on remote locations.

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